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October 20, 2010
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Fighting for you
Chapter 8

"Miss.Rose, please stand still."
Shadow..Shadow...Shadow the..porcupine?

"Miss.Rose, if you don't stand still we won't be able to get your measurments for the wedding dress."
Shadow the... Bat?

"My,my. What a petite size. Such model-like features."
"And that silky pink fur!"

"Ah! Her paws need to be manicured!"

Scrouge's servants have been dressing me and primping me for the big day that I have never agreed on.

Last night, Scrouge's prisoner (whom had claimed his name was Shadow) kissed me.
It had kept me thinking since then. A sort of Dejavu or a very faint memory.

I could never get his name out of my head. It just clings on to me like saran wrap. Why does....why does his name sound so familular?

"Gah!" I cluthched my head.
"Miss.Rose! You cannot! You'll ruin your hair!" they held my paws back. I sighed and stood from the floor.

"I-I'm ready." I trembled. I rubbed my eyes and shook my head, furiously to avoid tears.
"Miss Rose? Are you alright?" A chipmunk servant had asked me. I nodded and took a deep breath "Y-yes. I'm fine."

Thinking about Shadow had made me cry.
I wiped a tear the had tricked it's way down my cheek and examined it on my gloved finger "Wh-why am I crying?" my lip trembled "I-I cn't stop." I wiped my eyes.

"Oh, I don't know miss. But you must stopp crying now, we're at the main doors of the church castle."
"I-I'm sorry, it's just..I c-can't stop."
"It is time to open the doors!" someone had announced. I straigtened my back and sniffed.

No, Amy. Your in love with Scrouge. You are getting married with Scrouge, and you and Scrouge will live happyily

I was interupted by the sound of wedding bells chiming. They opened the big white doors and an outburst of sparkles was in the air. It wasn't literally sparkles, but the room looked like one.

It was decorated with cherry blossoms and white rose petals. The aroma of flowers filled the air.
The sun shined through the church so beautifully. It formed a perfect spotlight on the everything in the church. The vases, statues. It was so pretty.

As I walked down the aisle with a bouqet of pink roses I didn't notice any familular people in the church pews. No friends, family, or anyone. My mind felt blank.
It was strange.

I stood beside Scrouge and hooked onto his arm.
We stood in front of a hooded priest with various jewlery with all sorts of colors. I still thought that it seemed mysterious that we couldn't see his face because of the hood, but that didn't matter anyway.

The priest coughed into his palm and held an old looking book and read aloud:

"Do you, Scrouge the Hedgehog, take Amy Rose the Hedgehog as your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health, till death do you both part? Man and wife? Demon and animal for life?"

"I do." Scrouge replied.
I sighed.

"Now do you Amy Rose the Hedgehog, take Scrouge the Moron-"
Wait what?

"Ah..excuse me. But I believe you said 'Moron?'"
The hooded preist's head turned to me "Oh, I do believe your right. Whoops. Well then, Do you Amy Rose, take Scrouge the Hedgehog as  your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

Why did my mouth trail off? Say yes Amy, yes!
"I duh..duh.."

''Whats wrong? Hurry up." Scrouge rushed me. I felt nervous.
"I don'-"

A big thud was heard throughout the church. Everyone gasped and they turned to see who had disturbed the ceramony.

"I OBJECT!" said a booming voice. It was a hedgehog with white fur and glowing blue hands.

"Sil..ver?" I whispered.
Then a shattering noise had came from the left side of the church hall. A boy had crashed through the windows.

It was a fox boy with two tails. It swung on some sort of green rope and landed swiftly onto the ground.
"I object as well!" was what he said.

"Ta..ils?" I whispered. It felt like pieces of my mind were slowly coming together.  

Then from the right side of the church, another booming sound was heard.
A red figure with long red spikes that hung down like human hair had broken through the church walls.
"I OBJECT!" He yelled.

"Kn-kn-knuckles?" I stammered. Then I heard a chuckle behind me and Scrouge. It was the preist.

"Well I guess I should just come out with it then." I saw a small smirk. He removed his hood and showed his face.
It was Shadow!

"Shadow!" I gasped.
"Sorry to crash your wedding, dear cousin, but she was my bride first. And I will not let anyone with the likes of you have her." he smiled evily.

I felt relieved.

"Shadow.." I blushed.
"You won't get away with her that easily, dear cousin Shadow." I looked at Scrouge in fear.

"Very well. If it is a duel you want, it is a duel we shall have." Shadow removed his robes and stoof before everyone in his true from. Bright and scarey red eyes, claws and fangs, black feather wings.

"Aw crap. I forgot you were head of your stupid clan." Scrouge spat "Too bad that doesn't stop me!" he charged towards him. I stepped back and gasped.

"Scrouge, NO!" I screamed. They were jumping and swinging and scratching eachother. Punching and bashing. It was all to violent.

"G-guards! Take Amy away!" Scrouge snapped his fingers. The castle guards had come out of random places of the room and surrounded me.

"Not without a figh-!" I was interupted by 3 men who had cleared out the circle of snakes.
"There's no way we're letting you touch our future-sister in law!" The men who had ruined the wedding smiled. I smiled back.
"We'll hold up the guards, you get everyone out of the church!" the boy with white fur had informed me. I nodded.
"And don't trip with that dress! God know that you'll hold us up." the red one rolled his eyes. I laughed nervously.

"Don't mind Knuckles, he's just upset that we had to miss breakfast for this." the one with the two tails smiled. I laughed.

I hosited my dress and ran down the aisle as gestured everyone to make a run for it.
"Hurry! Leave now! It's too dangerous to have a wedding!" I pushed out old ladies and children and parents.

From the corner of my eye I saw a child crying and yelling out "Mama! Papa!" through the crowd. A guard was sneaking behind it's back. I growled.

I ran to the child and knocked the guards arm off away from him.
"Don't you dare touch him!" I snarled. The guard smirked "Hah! What you gonna do bouts' it lady?"

I was boiling in anger. I wanted to kill this pathetic snake. How dare someone try to sneak up on a child and abuse the poor thing?! That scoundrel!

"" I stood from the ground "You.." my eyes felt hot and my I could my fangs grow

A gust of wind grew out from my back and I could feel my nails grow.
"You...IMBICEL!" and the last thing before I could remember was scratching his face out.


I felt a breeze along my cheek. I grumbled and rubbed my eyes.
"Where am I?" I said drowsily. My vision became clear and as I opened my eyes to see where I was, I was above the air. In the sky.

"Get me down!" I screamed.
"Will you please get a hold of yourself?! We're nearly home!" Shadow grumbled. Geez, what a grumpy hedgehog. Back when we were kids he was alot more nicer.

"Wait a minute." I paused to think of what I just said "Shadow!" I smiled "I remember!"
"Yes, I figured re-verse psycology would have worked.

I tilted my head in confusion "What do you mean?
"Well since hypnotism had its effect on you, I figured reversing the stratgy would have worked. Which is banging you on the head with a vase."
I glared at him "You, what?"
"I hit you in the head with a vase." he told me more slowly.
"Yeah. I know!"
"Then why did you ask?"
"Because why would you hurt a girl in the head with a vase you stupid little bird!"

"But if I hadn't  then you wouldn't have remembered me." he frowned. I could tell it was an act.

"Ah a Lovers quarrel." I heard Tails in the background. I looked over Shadows shoulder and snarled. But just before I was about to let out a protest, we were in Shadow's front temple gates.

"We're home." Shadow helped me off his arms slowly. I happy.

"Home.." I whispered "I'm home! I'm home I'm home I'm HOOME!" I jumped.

"I'm glad your happy." Silver smiled, but as I turned to face him to agree, his smile dropped. He turned paler than his own skin and was trembling in fear. I examined Knuckles and Tails and they were trembled as well.

Knuckles was trying to not make eye contact, and Tails had both of his tails behind his back.
Shadow, on the other hand, look expressionless and angry.

I turned myself around to see what the fuss was about.
It was like a replica of Shadow.

He had the exact same feature of Shadow, but his streaks were blue and his eyes were a dark icy color. He had a wide smirk on his face.

"Hello younger brother." he greeted Shadow.
"This must be your bride. Pretty nice catch, if I do say do as myself."

"What are you doing here." Shadow snarled.
"Quite rude! I came all this way from home just to visit my beloved brother!" he threw on a sarcastic tone "And you greet me with a fly in from the sky and a 'what are you doing here'? I must say, I am hurt.
He clutched onto his heart.
He gave me a quick glance.

I felt a chill run through my spin.

"Oh my my, I forgot to introduce myself! How rude of me!" the blue streaked Shadow replica took my hand, bent down, and kissed it. I felt like a standing block of humoungus ice.

"My name is Mephiles. Older brother Shadow. It is nice to meet your accquaintance young lady." and smirked.

Shadow had an older Brother?
I'm so so so sorry that I havn't been updated in so long!
Highschool, ya know? There was so much homework to be done and things to study for!

But I'm back! And I'm not dead!
So forgive me? D:
I'll keep up to date. But I assure all of you that i'll be making more Fighting for you updates often than usual.

So yeah, CHAPTER 8 IS UP :D !
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Also just wondering did Shadow and Amy get married after they beat Scoruge's tail so confused.....anyway great chapters I bet I will enjoy the next one ^^ I love Shadamy so much, by the way where is Sonic at?....little runt -_- also if you haven't read my profile I hate sonic....but I can deal with Sonamy.......
More Chapters plz ^^
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